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Wed, 9 Jul ’14

Course of the Force: Sing Along with Lando and Friends!

Visit the Star Wars Cantina, Nerdist Style.

Who among us hasn’t dreamed of being a character in the Star Wars cantina scene? The music, the set and of course all the colorful, memorable alien creatures have been seared into our collective brains like a lightsaber-branded bantha. To celebrate today’s launch of Course of the Force 2013 Nerdist has replicated the cantina (with added surprises) for a new video starring Chris Hardwick as Han Solo, Course of the Force co-host Carrie Keagan as Leia, Patton Oswalt as the put-upon bartender and Billy Dee Williams as…well, you can probably guess.

The video, shot entirely on Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones, takes us to a night of karaoke at everyone’s favorite Mos Eisley hotspot. The song in question is “The West Coast” written by actor Jason Schwartzman, who makes an appearance in the video, too. Who’s he playing? Even he isn’t quite sure. “I think I’m just a good person who drinks and hangs out at a bar that’s full of pirates.”

While Han Solo is the undisputed favorite character, everyone has preferences. Keagan’s a fan of the walking carpet. “I’m really partial to all things fluffy so I always wanted to hug Chewie,” she says. For Schwartzman, his favorite is Max Rebo (“he’s a musician!”) and Oswalt’s tastes have changed over time. “Growing up, it was Han Solo, but as I got older Boba Fett, and then Obi-Wan.”

To check out the Greedo-frying fun, and for more behind-the-scenes stuff from the cast and crew, head over to Nerdist.com. And be sure to follow all the updates for this year’s Course of the Force, which is tractor-beaming down the West Coast right now.