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Wed, 28 Apr ’10

Star Wars Holograms Come To Life

Discover the wonder of animation you will

Of all the gadgets to come out of the Star Wars universe— lightsabers, Death Stars, evil cyborg dads—one the coolest has always been the hologram. From its debut in A New Hope to its use today in them new-fangled Clone Wars, it’s also always seemed like the one that has the best chance at becoming a reality. And, today is that day…kind of.

Available now for pre-order is the Star Wars Holographic Animation Lab, the latest Lucas-approved learning kit from Uncle Milton—the toy Jedis responsible for the freaky-cool Star Wars mind control game. The “lab” is a plastic rendition of the Holotable as it appears in the Clone Wars series. Now, here’s where things get a little iffy: The hologram is not actually a hologram—insert protracted sigh of disappointment here—but a new spin on the old persistence-of-vision trick you see in old flipbooks. The Holotable comes packaged with 10 circular discs, each imprinted with 10 different pictures of a Clone Wars character and each picture only slightly different than the previous one. The discs are spun around by hand and a mirror reflects their moving images into your line of sight, thereby simulating a hologram. It’s listed Web-wide as shipping sometime in the Fall, but our source at Uncle Milton confirms the kit will be hitting shelves as early as August. Order now!

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