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Fri, 6 Nov ’09

Kick it, Trek-style!

Airwalk does the unthinkable, bringing together those who grind with those who speak fluent Klingon

It’s not often that skaters and Trekkies can find common ground, but this weekend, Payless shoe stores across the galaxy will debut the all-new Star Trek STPL x—a line of Trek-inspired skate shoes from Airwalk. Those who prefer to not leave the house can order the limited-edition kicks through the Payless website.

Created by renowned New York City designer jeffstaple and carrying a $49.99 price tag, the shoes are available in three different “away team” colors: Captain Kirk yellow, Spock blue,
or Scotty (or rather, nameless, soon-to-be-killed “security officer”) red. And while the Trek set will most certainly
get a kick out of the Starfleet insignias that adorn the shoes, skaters can expect the quality and support they’ve come to know from the Airwalk brand—and also get an in with those cute “Nerdbirds” out there.