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NERDSWAG: Iron Man ARTFX Statues From Kotobukiya

Tue, 24 Sep ’13
Iron Clad – Even robotic-suited superheroes need help every once in a while, and that’s why Tony Stark is sure lucky that Col. James “… more

NERDSWAG: Halo 4: Master Chief Vs Hunter in Resin

Mon, 5 Nov ’12
It’ll all be over soon. After tomorrow, all the waiting and hoping and worrying will come to a close; Yes, election day, but also Halo… more

Life-Sized Batman Wants Your Bids

Mon, 16 Jul ’12
In recent years, you may have noticed that rising oil prices and inflation have led to superhero toys becoming smaller and smaller, to the… more

Exclusive Reveal: Mars Attacks San Diego Comic-Con International!

Tue, 10 Apr ’12
It’s never too early to start thinking Comic-Con International, and Gentle Giant certainly have, unveiling the first look at their… more

TOKYOPOP Powered By GeekChicDaily Launches: Win Bishoujo Batgirl to Celebrate

Wed, 12 Oct ’11
Asian pop culture has become part of the fabric of Americana over the last couple of decades, but the collapse of so many major retail… more

Geek Boutique: Golden Apple Comics

Wed, 27 Jul ’11
Did you cut school or quit your job to make the trek to San Diego Comic-Con, or were you safely watching the updates roll in online?… more

Kenobi Salutes Calrissian: Lando FINALLY Gets His Own Movie!

Thu, 19 May ’11
He’s been called General, Master, negotiator and Leia’s only hope. If you want him to come to your aid, we call him 33% off. Nab Obi Wan… more

Power Punch: Win One-of-a-Kind Sucker Punch Statue and Art Books!

Fri, 25 Mar ’11
You know Zack Snyder’s signature style – embodied by the likes of the sword-slinging, bodacious Baby Doll. Here’s your chance to win a… more

Figure Festivities – Sideshow Statue Sweepstakes!

Thu, 9 Dec ’10
Is it coincidence that Sideshow Collectibles and Santa Claus have the same initials? We think not, because both plan on making the holiday… more

Mega Mecha!

Fri, 12 Nov ’10
It’s so hard to win respect at the office. No one seems to appreciate all the funny email forwards you send. Displaying actual competence… more

Get a Load of This

The Nerdist News team talked with the legendary Doug Jones about his acting, his book and more. more