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Tue, 23 Jul ’13

Stay Frosty: 4 Frozen Treats Found Only in Japan

Horrific milkshakes, oyster ice cream and more!

Dead Ringer – Japanese burger chain Lotteria is trying to turn fear into flavor with a new milkshake inspired by The Ring/Sadako series. The shake is a cool blue lemonade – ramune – with a squiggle of chocolate on top and a black straw to suggest Sadako’s iconic hair. We just hope that it’s available for longer than seven days.

Dream Creams – Tired of boring old ice cream flavors like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry? So are the dairy diehards at Japan’s Namja Town, an indoor theme park in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district, where adventurous eaters can try flavors like beef tongue, oyster, eel, miso ramen, charcoal, shark fin and lavender. We know they’re specialized flavors from across Japan’s many, varied regions, but do any of them specialize in cookie dough?

Mad About Melon – Nothing goes better with barbecue on a hot summer day than watermelon and nothing cools you down faster than ice cream, so it’s only natural that Japan’s seminal summertime treat, Suika Bars, combine the two in a mouthwatering mash-up. The triangular treats offer a refreshing blast of watermelon flavor without the hassle of dealing with that pesky rind at the end.

Black to Basics – Say you’re trying to live your life according to strict heavy metal aesthetics, but it’s so damn hot outside that you just want a nice refreshing ice cream cone. You can’t just get some silly cone with sprinkles! Fortunately, a rural rest stop in Saitama prefecture offers a pitch black ice cream cone made with concentrated espresso that will help you embrace your inner darkness and give you a swift kick in the pants, flavor-wise.