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Sun, 4 Mar ’12

Double Cross: Street Fighter Meets Tekken

Whoever loses, you win when fighting worlds cross over.

By: Brian Walton

Capcom’s cast of Street Fighter® characters has fought off the likes of the X-Men and other superheroes in previous games, but that may not have been a fair fight. Marvel’s mutants are angsty and persecuted in their spare time, while the Capcom crew were born and bred to dragon-punch, hundred-hand-slap and spinning-bird kick all comers 24-7. They too may have mutant powers like teleportation, but use them strictly to own their arcade opposition.

Well, here comes a new challenger. A whole array, in fact. Universes are crossing over, but this time it’s the cast of another hard-hitting fight game that’s breaking through. Street Fighter X Tekken®, coming next year, will answer long-held questions, like: can Sagat beat Kazuya? What would Ken and Ryu do against a giant bear who knows karate? And will Dhalsim ever find a cure for that killer heartburn? Real-time tag-team action will allow not just dream one-on-one-matches, but amazing odd-couple combos too.

All six Street Fighter® buttons are used, but the familiar four-key Tekken® combos are usable as well. There are also some new surprise moves and online features that tie into the game’s plot, about a mythical object called Pandora, named for the mythical girl who unleashed a whole ton of trouble upon the world. The trouble you unleash upon the virtual world is on you, and round one will be here sooner than you know it. Fight!