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Wed, 5 Sep ’12

Comic Book Day: Super Schmaltzy – The Top 5 Superhero Romances

Mutants, masks and matrimony.

DC Comics caused a stir when the cover of Justice League #12 was revealed, depicting Superman and Wonder Woman locking lips. But they aren’t the first superheroes to hook up; not by a long shot. We’ve compiled a list of the top five romances among comic-book heroes. Note: this is about when heroes get together, so your Lois Lanes and Mary Janes need not apply.

COMICS Green Arrow & Black Canary – It’s a classic story, really. When Dinah Laurel Lance (daughter of the original Black Canary) joined the Justice League, she thought Oliver Queen was a real blowhard, but over time, just like on Moonlighting, a romance sparked. Then, as happens, Green Arrow died in an airplane explosion. Occupational hazard when you’re a superhero. However, as luck would have it, he was resurrected and even de-aged a bit so that he and Black Canary could continue their on-again-off-again romance, eventually getting married. They make a great team and it’s always full of passion. Plus, he doesn’t seem to care that she has super powers and he doesn’t. That’s love.

COMICS The Invisible Girl & Mr. Fantastic – Talk about childhood fantasies come true; Susan Storm was only twelve years old when she fell in love with the much older Dr. Reed Richards. Nothing creepy went on; don’t worry. When she was of college age, Sue followed Reed and volunteered to be part of his experimental rocket experiment. After being bombarded by cosmic rays (Reed’s fault) she, her brother, a big bald guy and Reed gained super-human powers. That this didn’t drive a wedge between them is a real testament to their love. They eventually got married and had children, all while Fantastic Four-ing all over the planet. Everything a little girl could ask for.

COMICSNite Owl & Silk Spectre – It’s never easy to get out of the shadow of your loved one’s ex, but if that ex happens to be a giant, blue, scientifically-created god, that shadow is pretty long. Dan Dreiberg can modestly be described as having “performance issues” stemming from years away from the superhero life, but a return to it with Laurie Juspeczyk and they both felt revitalized. In a few ways. These two crazy kids getting together might be the only real “happy” thing at the end of Watchmen.

COMICSJean Grey & Cyclops – Scott Summers and Jean Grey are two of the founding members of the X-Men and have basically been in love forever. In the early days, their love was very pure but, as with most comics, the later you go, the more screwed up things get. He’s with Emma Frost now that Jean’s dead, but we all know who he truly loves.

COMICSBatman & Catwoman – He’s a good guy, she’s a bad girl; it shouldn’t work at all, and largely they don’t, but they might be, strangely, the least dysfunctional couple on the list. Billionaire Bruce Wayne’s had his share of romantic partners: Vicki Vale, Julie Madison, Talia al Ghul, even Wonder Woman (lucky sod), but he always seems to come back to master jewel thief-turned-reluctant-anti-hero Selena Kyle. They’re both far more married to their work than romance, and they both like wearing tights; that’s a solid foundation for sexual tension if there’s ever been some.

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