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Tue, 4 Oct ’11

Get Board to Death at Manhattan’s All Day Gaming Event

Gather your magic at play session sampling over forty games.

It can be hard to be a “die” hard fan of tabletop and card gaming. It’s 2011 and most people slay orcs via their home video game consoles or those trashy no-button iPhones. There does still exist a rabid fanbase of ye olde pen-and-paper RPGs, with gads of games, approximately Warhammer 40,000 of them, to sate their demand. How are role playing OGs of humble means supposed to sample all of them? By attending the quarterly gaming event known as Recess.

Look at Recess as your own personal sample station for tabletop goodness, like Xbox really Live. There will be dozens of games of varying types and genres being played. All you have to do is show up, sign up for whatever games catch your interest then park your butt on a chair and have the time of your life. You may find a great new addition to your Friday night gaming lineup. You may also make a few new friends to fill up your living room. It’s been looking pretty lonely in there. 

Brush up on the d20 system and move ahead three spaces to Manhattan’s 440 Studios. The adventure begins on October 8th at 11AM. You might want to bring some Mountain Dew as well. The gaming lasts for twelve hours.