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Thu, 31 Oct ’13

Your Galaxy Quest Ends in Samsung

The future’s next big thing? It’s already here.

We’re not so far away from the futures of Star Trek and Star Wars when it comes to tech – certainly not if the Samsung Galaxy Note II has anything to say about it. In…more

Your Galaxy Quest Ends in Samsung

Thu, 31 Oct ’13
Lightsaber battles? Not here yet, thankfully for those of us who shouldn’t even be trusted with regular swords. Beam-us-up teleportation?…more

Qualcomm Delivers the Course of the Force in an App

Sat, 13 Jul ’13
Are you interested in following this year’s Course of the Force, the charity run from Skywalker Ranch in Northern California all the way…more

NERDSWAG: MakerBot – 3D Print Your Nerdist Art

Thu, 28 Feb ’13
Have you ever drawn a picture of some object and wished it could be a real thing for you to hold? Well, through the scientific wizardry of…more

Valve, Gabe Newell and Nerdist Want to Send You to Vegas

Fri, 11 Jan ’13
If we know anything at all it’s that there are two undeniable truths: the cake is a lie and creative people make cool stuff. We’re also…more

Geek this Week: Gadgetry Galore

Tue, 8 Jan ’13
What Happens in Vegas Makes Beeping Noises – No sooner has the calendar flipped over to 2013 than we have a convention to talk about. They’…more

Geeky Home Theaters 3000

Mon, 7 Jan ’13
It’s one thing to appreciate your favorite movie’s visual aesthetic (or TV show, your format preference is for you alone to decide), but it…more

Nerdist News Wants You…to Win an iPad 3

Thu, 13 Dec ’12
Dorothy. E.T. Will Robinson. You. All looking for a way home, except you might not have realized it yet. See, in the not-too-distant past,…more

Geek this Week: Mercury Rising

Thu, 6 Dec ’12
Ice, Ice Baby – Get your refreshing beverages ready. While the Mars Rover Curiosity has potentially found simple organic compounds (…more

The Dark Knight Rises. His Cars Rule.

Tue, 4 Dec ’12
Even as online rumors begin breathlessly swirling about how they’ll reboot Batman next, let’s not forget that the current version still…more

Nerdist’s Newest StarTalker: Neil deGrasse Tyson

Thu, 1 Nov ’12
Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson is like the science teacher you wish you’d had back in high school. With his radio show StarTalk, he has cleverly…more

Get a Load of This

This prototype time-piece from UK-based designers James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau traps insects on… more