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Quick Hits

Mech My Day

PopStix! counts down the Top 10 Japanese Robots, only on TOKYOPOP-TV!

Make A Mech

DeviantART’s ProgV built an incredibly detailed 13-foot tall mech sculpture!

DIY Damacy

These fans made a custom yoga ball controller to play Katamari Damacy in the coolest way ever.

Kid’s Robot

The future of children’s transportatin is here: the Kid’s Walker Cyclops mini mecha!

Bot to Trot

Watch Pre-maid Me a homemade robot dance to AKB48’s “Heavy Rotation.”

Newtonian Niftiness

Yasutoki Kariya’s “Asobi” is a mesmerizing visualization of Newton’s Cradle.

Spectral Sumida

The Tokyo Hotaru festival kicked off with 10,000 LED lights floating on the Sumida River.

Bright Idea

A horde of chickens couldn’t keep us from these classic game-inspired lamps.


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