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Thu, 3 Oct ’13

Smell Ya Later: Smell-o-vision Comes to Japanese Smartphones

If you ask us, it just makes scents.


Smell Ya Later: Smell-o-vision Comes to Japanese Smartphones

Thu, 3 Oct ’13
How many times have you been craving the sweet, succulent taste of freshly cooked yakiniku, but had no way to sate your appetite? Well,…more

Royal Flush: The Wild World of Japanese Toilets

Tue, 24 Sep ’13
Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be: Firstly, the rumors you’ve heard are correct: Japanese toilets are amazing technological works of wonder….more

Major Props: Bringing Nausicaä’s Möwe Glider to Life

Wed, 7 Aug ’13
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Start Your Engines: Strange Japanese Cars

Mon, 8 Jul ’13
Toyota Sera: Move over, Marty McFly; you’re not the only car owner with suicide doors straight out of a sci-fi movie. Meet the Toyota Sera…more

All Aboard: Inside Japan’s Train Obsession

Fri, 28 Jun ’13
Packing It In: From the first time a foreigner steps onto a Japanese train, things are definitely different. For starters, they most likely…more

WTFriday: Cats + Sushi = Adorable

Fri, 10 May ’13
The Internet’s love affair with all things feline-related is a well-documented phenomenon, ranging from YouTube sensations like Stalking…more

Goofy Gadgets: Japan’s Weirdest Gear

Wed, 20 Mar ’13
While Japan is responsible for many conventional technical marvels that we can find in our living rooms – PS3 and, presumably, your HD TV,…more

10 Tips For Surviving Con Season

Wed, 6 Mar ’13
Do you feel that electricity in the air? Do you need to scratch that itch to don a brightly colored wig and carry around a sword three…more

Can Strawberries Stop Your Allergies? Japan Says "Yes"

Tue, 26 Feb ’13
Are seasonal allergies ruining your day? Do you actively avoid everything from pet dander to potential pollen sources? Do you need a…more

No Pain, No Gain: Japan’s Itasha Subculture

Wed, 30 Jan ’13
If you thought Bow Wow’s hulked-out ride in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift was equal parts impressive and eyebrow-raising, then you’…more

Get a Load of This

Take a (tiny) bite out of crime! Scruff McGruff would be proud of Japan’s Tottori prefecture’s… more