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Quick Hits

A Close Shaffer

D’you hear that, Paul? Gary’s got your audio book on They Call Me Baba Booey.

Gary’s Garmin

On an all-new They Call Me Baba Booey, Gary tries out a hot new runner’s watch.

New Age Nerdist

Tune in Saturdays for Hardwick hilarity with The Nerdist Podcast on XM Satellite radio.

Hole’d Up

Join Stephen Hawking as he demystifies the scientific quandaries that are black holes.

Awesome McSauce

Call it instant recycling: this McDonald’s bag became a beautiful papercraft tree.

Sound Silencer

“Tell me, Mr. Anderson: what good is a phone call…if you’re unable to speak?”

Hollywood Havoc

Join the action on rides that put you inside some of the world’s biggest movies.

Willman Power

Justin Willman’s hi-tech sleight-of-hand show is charmingly, magically Nerdlicious.

Nerd Herder

Enjoy your burrito to go, as Stitcher now allows you to get Nerdist podcasts by phone.