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Sat, 13 Jul ’13

Qualcomm Delivers the Course of the Force in an App

The Force is strong with this one.

Are you interested in following this year’s Course of the Force, the charity run from Skywalker Ranch in Northern California all the way down to San Diego in the week…more

Geek This Week: When Dino-Chickens Attack!

Fri, 30 Sep ’11
Jurassic Pluck – Paleontologist and Terra Nova consultant Jack Horner plans to de-evolve a chicken into a dinosaur by genetic manipulation. more

City Unmasked: Twitter Glitter

Mon, 19 Sep ’11
Macroblogging – We hand out a lot of great sh*t on GCNYC, but you might be turning a blind eye to more. Follow @geekchicnyc for exclusive…more

Geek This Week: Stuck In The 80s!

Thu, 15 Sep ’11
There Can NEVER Be Only One – The same week that a director is announced to remake Highlander (28 Weeks Later’s Juan Carlos Fresnadillo),…more

High Noon: Go West and Shoot Straight

Mon, 12 Sep ’11
Listen greenhorn, we’ve all been there. You’re fixin’ to buy a sarsaparilla at the market and the ol’ lady in front of you is countin’ out…more

Geek This Week – Causeplayers

Thu, 8 Sep ’11
Calendar Girls – You’re going to need a calendar for 2012, so choose one that donates proceeds to the Japanese Red Cross’ earthquake relief…more

Geek This Week – Champion! In Your Corner

Thu, 1 Sep ’11
by Christopher Fealy#1. No Time For Losers – Pop-culture addicts tend to fight over things they are passionate about. Sometimes you need an…more

Geek This Week – Dark Stars

Thu, 25 Aug ’11
#1. Turn on the Dark – The universe’s low fuel light is on. Fewer stars are being formed to replace older dying stars, making the universe…more

Geek This Week – Law & Order: Special Bungie Unit

Thu, 18 Aug ’11
#1. Bungie Bust – Jeff Fletcher was pulling up to an ATM when a gun was fired in a nearby parking lot. The Bungie IT guy pulled his legally…more

Geek This Week: Get Sacked Out!

Thu, 11 Aug ’11
#1. Our Bags, Baby – The loot bag has left an indelible mark on our culture. more

Geek This Week – Eye of the Daniel Tiger

Tue, 2 Aug ’11
#1. Rogers, Revisited –  PBS recently announced that Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood is getting a spin-off. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood?…more