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Thu, 1 Aug ’13

The Awesomes Take Flight on Hulu

The new Seth Meyers animated comedy is a punch to the funny bone.

When it comes to superhero teams, there’s only one name you need to remember. Avengers? Schmavengers. Justice League? Schmustice League. A third one? Schma schmird schmone. All you need is Hulu’s upcoming original series The Awesomes, an animated superhero comedy from SNL‘s Seth Meyers and Mike Shoemaker. It follows a group of B-list heroes attempting to live up to the team’s famous name and former glory. As you can guess, they’re a work in progress.
Meyers stars in the series as Professor Doctor Awesome, or “Prock” for short, the son of team founder Mr. Awesome. Prock must re-form The Awesomes with people who are less-than qualified. Case in point, he’s picked up the likes of Muscleman (Ike Barinholtz) who is as strong as he is stupid and Frantic (Taran Killam) who is super fast AND a redneck, a winning combination if we’ve ever heard one. Together, the team has to save the world, repair their reputation and avoid the omnipresent paparazzi. It’s a full-time job.

The Awesomes premieres Thursday, August 1st, exclusively on Hulu and we want to help commemorate the event by giving away a The Awesomes gift set consisting of a Comic-Con exclusive Prock t-shirt, a complete set of The Awesomes trading cards, a poster signed by the cast and a full set of 8 character posters. To enter, simply click through to our contest page, then head to our FacebookTwitter and Google+ pages for more entries. You only have until midnight on Thursday August 7th to enter, so make haste, old chum! Be the hero you know you can be – today!