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Tue, 30 Jul ’13

The Singularity Begins in The Final Moments of Karl Brant

Consciousnesses in computers. It’s the future.

A well-planned murder wherein everything is taken in to account is extremely difficult to solve, unless of course the victim was in the middle of uploading their memories onto a computer mainframe when they died. Then it’s really quite simple. In writer-director M.F. Wilson’s new short film The Final Moments of Karl Brant, now available to view on the Nerdist Channel, the eponymous character is able to effectively live after he’s dead thanks to consciousness-uploading. Pretty lucky, eh?

The film stars Paul Reubens as a scientist and friend of Brant who aids in the investigation of his murder with the help of experimental technology. The police detectives (Janina Gavankar and Jon Sklaroff) in charge of the case have a hard time buying the Singularity stuff, but if it helps them get close to the professional (and creepy) international assassin who committed the crime, they’ll have to put up with it.

Taken from real scientific theory by people like author Ray Kurzweil, The Final Moments of Karl Brant is a thrilling and intriguing look into what very well may happen in the very near future. Is having a physical body the definition of being alive, or is it more through neural activity, even if that comes from a piece of machinery? Intriguing questions. To get your brain wrapped around the possibilities, head over to the Nerdist Channel and watch The Final Moments of Karl Brant. It’s the intelligent thing to do.