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Thu, 12 Apr ’12

The Stars of C2E2 – Five Must-Sees for the Media-Savvy

In our eyes, the show’s complete. Here’s why…

COMICSBowling You Over – It wouldn’t be a party if we weren’t invited! Chris Hardwick and special guests from the Nerdist Channel will be out in full force for Friday’s Nerdist Industries Live! panel at 4:15PM in the IGN Theater, but if you’re more of a pod person, catch the Nerdist Podcast Live show later that night at the Vic Theater.  If C2E2 is the metaphorical burrito we want you to enjoy…consider us the secret sauce. Come visit us at the Nerdist Industries booth, #106, any time.

COMICSCap a Feel – Unfortunately, super-soldier serum doesn’t exist in real life to buff you up like a non-CG’ed Steve Rogers, but everything else from the world of the First Avenger can be had for a price at Saturday’s Captain America auction. Want the full Cap costume – either final or USO version? How about the pod from which a shirtless Chris Evans emerged (sorry, Evans is not included in the sale)? These and more could be yours for the right price; we just hope Harry Knowles and “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase don’t go too crazy, so the rest of us have a chance.

COMICSAsk Anything – You don’t have to hold a boombox aloft to get John Cusack’s attention. The charismatic charmer of rom-coms like High Fidelity and Grosse Pointe Blank, who has also been aces in oddball genre fare like 1408 and Being John Malkovich, will take fan questions at a Sunday panel. He’ll be appearing next as Edgar Allen Poe in The Raven, but our tell-tale heart is already his. First 1000 fans in get a free Raven poster.

COMICSVal, You Added – Whose career is an even stranger mix of charming champions and overt oddities than Cusack’s? Only the man who went from Madmartigan to Morrison, to Moreau to Moses. Mmmm, yes, we’re talking about Val Kilmer, whose latest trip is to portray Mark Twain in a stage show. The last time we saw him at a big convention was in San Diego, where he started singing the phrase “Nosferatu” over and over with Francis Ford Coppola. He definitely has a Real Genius for being unique.

COMICSAutograph Oddities – You’d expect both of the above-named A-listers to sign autographs, and they will…but the other available options for signatory satisfaction are an unusual assortment indeed. Where else would you see Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello, former Hobbit Sean Astin, C-level pro-wrestler Virgil, J. Michael Straczynski, The Chicago Outfit Roller Derby Zombie Girls, Anthony Daniels and Anne Rice all under one roof, engaged in the same activity? Call it a signing of the times.

For a complete programming schedule, check out C2E2’s website.