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Mon, 6 Feb ’12

The Sultans of Statues: Kotobukiya’s 2012 Preview

From droidly do-gooders to Dark Magicians and beyond

You probably already know and love Kotobukiya for their anime-inspired novelty products like their Entry Plug chopsticks or Alien ice cube trays, but the real meat of the Japanese toy juggernaut’s catalog is their incredibly detailed sculpture series. With offerings from Batman, Yu-Gi-Oh, Star Wars and more in their lineup, 2012 might just be Kotobukiya’s best year yet, and we’re celebrating in style with an awesome giveaway. Now, if they’d just listen to our repeated pleas for an Admiral Ackbar statue…

If you’ve had a hole in your heart since the end of Marvel’s Mangaverse line, then rejoice because sultry superspy Black Widow gets the bishoujo treatment in their update of a previous iteration. The second time is definitely the charm because the redheaded Red has never looked better. Prefer someone who’s actually been in manga? Then look no further than their card-carrying Egypt-obsessed puzzlemaster Yami Yugi. Finally, we can get a head start on our Ocean’s Elven / Yu-Gi-Oh stop-motion crossover!

The ARTFX+ line is the cream of Kotobukiya’s crop: OCD-level attention to detail, bases that seem ripped straight from the source material and interchangeable parts so you can customize the statue to your heart’s desire. Having trouble staying productive at work? Put this badass Batman sculpture on your desk and get scared every time your procrastination borders on criminal. The gold standard for this line is actually 50% gold (painted) itself: the dynamic droid duo of C-3PO and R2-D2. To celebrate Star Wars 3D Week here at TOKYOPOP and GeekChicDaily, we’re giving away these mechanized masterpieces, so give yourself the high ground and enter today, then take a look at our image gallery of Kotobukiya’s epic 2012 offerings.