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Mon, 5 Dec ’11

Winter is Coming – The Top 5 Must-Haves for the Season of Storms

Our list of essential accessories for a cold world.

By Brian Walton

From Hoth to Mordor, we’ve got your back when the temperature drops. Because chilling out is just a metaphor and we want to warm your hearts, here are 5 items far better than a dead Tauntaun for surviving the freeze:


The Powerbag – A backpack that contains a battery charger to juice up your tablet and phone, it also (in theory) allows you to put your computer through airport security without taking it out and putting it in a separate tray. We don’t suggest arguing that point with TSA, but maybe if you offer to give their Blackberry a boost, they’ll be nicer.

COMICSSword Umbrellas – While the Penguin conceals weapons inside his rain-deterring devices, we find you’ll be a lot safer boasting a brolly that only looks like it could hurt. Whether you want to role-play as a waterproof warrior or sun-dried samurai, we literally have you covered.

COMICSThe Selk’bag Sleepwear System – We love it both because it’s a wearable sleeping bag and it has one of those cool mid-word apostrophes that makes it sound like a new Star Trek alien race.

COMICSMarc Ecko Star Wars Hoodies – Need some Mandalorian armor that isn’t stained with Sarlacc stomach juice? How about a Stormtrooper outfit that’s more effective against the cold than their actual armor was against teddy bears? These hoodies ensure the warmth will be with you, always.

COMICSSpongebob Hot Cocoa Mug Set – It’s always cold in the depths of the ocean, until you fry up some Krabby Patties and mix up some drinkable chocolate in Bikini Bottom style. Make it right, and your mouth might soak it up like an actual sponge.