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Wed, 15 Feb ’12

Toy Oh Boy! The Best of Toy Fair 2012

We checked out the exhibition with a fine-toothed comb, leaving My Little Pony with a very unkempt mane.

The New York Toy Fair makes the city’s FAO Schwartz look like Arrietty’s toy chest. That is to say it’s enormous. Also, the dolls aren’t just made of stolen sugar cubes. Here’s the best of the fest, which wraps up today.

COMICSScene It? Star Wars Sure, unless you’ve been frozen in carbonite since 1980, you probably won’t have a hard time declaring Yoda’s next line after “Do… or do not…” At least it’ll be a great way to let your visiting nephews know you’re smarter than them. Bonus: the box is 3D.

COMICSMentoke Shooter – The same people who brought you the classic marshmallow shooter (second best Gozer defense after crossing the streams) have harnessed the power of YouTube to bring you a Mentos and soda charged gun this summer. Screw the pistol onto a bottle of soda and you can shoot the candy 20 feet. Mentos, the flesh wound maker.

COMICSLazer Tag – Download a free app and pop your iPhone into this blaster to have your power bar and ammunition supply displayed on the screen. Then go on the hunt for virtual enemies or your non-virtual friend. Full life is twice as good as Half-Life.

COMICSSketRobo – Have you been envious of Hugo‘s artsy automaton ever since seeing Scorsese’s latest movie? Vietnamese robot gods TOSY will fix that. Their upcoming robotic sketch master has 200 stock images to choose from and another version will include a camera to draw anything you or the semi-fictional Georges Melies’ wild mind can imagine. If you’re expecting it to doodle a secret message from Jude Law, we say keep digging, Watson.

Check out much more cool stuff in our Best of Toy Fair 2012 gallery.