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Quick Hits

Geek Thinkers

See new Iron Man, Spider-Man and Doctor Who goodies coming from ThinkGeek.

Size Matters Not

More than the times were square in New York as a life-size Lego X-wing debuted. 

Imperius Rex

Feast your eyes on the most massive Metal Gear Solid toy you’ll ever see!

Domo Does DC

It’s not easy being green, but it’s awesome when Domo is Green Lantern.

Dragon Our Feet

Giant lizard Granamyr made our Figures & Speech toy gift guide – check out the rest!

Colorado Corpses

Oh my God – iam8bit gallery really did kill Kenny! You… awesome art-show hosts!

Heavy Hero

12″ tall. 50 points of articulation. 85% diecast metal. The baddest Bat-figure ever?

Yoda Yearnings

Star Wars Day now involves presents! We’re giving away a Kotobukiya Yoda statue!

Paper View

Paper and fire usually don’t mix, but this folded frost dragon from Skyrim is a cut above.