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Tue, 2 Jul ’13

NERDSWAG: Sideshow Collectibles’ Man of Steel

Sideshow Collectibles’ Superman figure brings the reel steel

Having an ideal to strive toward is important, especially if that ideal wears a red cape and can fly. Yes, you could do a lot worse than trying to model yourself after…more

The Top 5 Coolest Movie Props in Harry Knowles’ Basement

Thu, 5 Apr ’12
Ain’t It Cool? Movie webmeister Harry Knowles’ new Nerdist Channel show, launching today, asks the question to which you’ll be responding…more

Toy Oh Boy! The Best of Toy Fair 2012

Wed, 15 Feb ’12
The New York Toy Fair makes the city’s FAO Schwartz look like Arrietty’s toy chest. That is to say it’s enormous. Also, the dolls aren’t…more

NERDSWAG: Avail Yourself of Our Valentine Gift Guide

Tue, 14 Feb ’12
If you’re still looking for Valentine’s Day gifts now, there’s a good chance you might have already blown it as badly as Spock’s attempt to…more

Artoo and Threepio Strike a Pose (or Two)

Mon, 6 Feb ’12
We’re excited for Star Wars Episode I: the Phantom Menace 3D, so this week our newsletters will be all about the tales from a long time ago…more

Mountin’ Dewback: Win This Sweet Stormtrooper Steed from Sideshow!

Mon, 23 Jan ’12
Where exactly did the Imperial Stormtroopers get their Dewbacks from in Star Wars: Episode IV, anyway? Were they waiting on board the Star…more

Geek this Week: No Khan Do

Fri, 9 Dec ’11
By: Luke Y. ThompsonKhaaaaaaan’t! – First, word leaked out that Benicio Del Toro would play Khan in J.J. Abrams’ 3-D Star Trek sequel. Then…more

A Word from Our Spawn-Sir: Todd McFarlane Talks

Tue, 6 Dec ’11
Todd McFarlane was at the forefront of sweeping changes in the comic and toy industries, but he hasn’t been as visible lately. That may be…more

Todd McFarlane Re-Spawns

Tue, 6 Dec ’11
Today’s the day that Todd McFarlane revamps his McFarlane Toys Collector’s Club, kicking things off with a Spawn resin statue and a few…more

Giant Gift Guide Giveaway: Score Cyber-Monday Swag!

Mon, 28 Nov ’11
Unlike the fat guy in the red suit – and we mean Santa Claus, not this fellow – we don’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice. This ain’t…more

Only 1,494 Shopping Days Until Christmas 2015!

Fri, 25 Nov ’11
It’s Black Friday, which means you might want to wait a day before heading anywhere near Rock Center to see that spruce – unless you’re…more