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Quick Hits

Awesome Assemble

We’re giving away Avengers statues to thank 50,000 heroic Nerdist Channel subscribers.

Late Riser

Caesar IS home…if you buy this new Rise of the Planet of the Apes action figure.

Architect of Awesome

See how designer Adam Ward turns LEGOs from child’s play to works of art.

Swag Sweeps

GCD runs tons of sweepstakes.  Click here to sign up and be entered to win Luke and Indy!

Skel Models

You think you’ve seen it all. Then along come DC superheroes as undead pets.

Portal Pretty

The cake may be a lie, but prove that you’re still alive with this Portal-inspired finger bling.

Moore, Merrier

Clayburn Moore’s back in action figures: behold Jurassic Strike Force 5 in progress.

Fragile Firefly

We may never fly our own, but we can daydream about it with Serenity on our desk.

Mega Legos

From Shaun of the Dead to The Road, dig the coolest custom Lego you’ll never own.