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Tue, 2 Jul ’13

NERDSWAG: Sideshow Collectibles’ Man of Steel

Sideshow Collectibles’ Superman figure brings the reel steel

Having an ideal to strive toward is important, especially if that ideal wears a red cape and can fly. Yes, you could do a lot worse than trying to model yourself after…more

WIN: WWE Puts The "Mat" in Mattel

Mon, 29 Aug ’11
Over the years, fans of wrestling figures have had their fidelity sorely tested. Remember the large rubber rasslers of the ’80s? How about…more

Who Has the Power? He-Man’s Disputed Origins

Fri, 19 Aug ’11
We know most origin stories by heart: Superman is the last son of Krypton; Batman’s parents were killed by a petty criminal. He-Man, we…more

Toy Exclusive: WWE’s New Build-A-Bod!

Tue, 16 Aug ’11
By: Luke Y. ThompsonWhile WWE’s SummerSlam took pay-per-view by storm this weekend, the real main event was sequestered in a secret…more

Santino, Sculpted

Tue, 16 Aug ’11
Some WWE superstars break character when doing interviews. Kane notably did not set journalists on fire when asked about his movie See No…more

Glow In The Darth

Mon, 15 Aug ’11
The universe got a little bit smaller when Hold Up Art in downtown LA announced their special Star Wars themed night, Art From a…more

Treasure Hunt: SDCC’s Best Toy Exclusives

Mon, 11 Jul ’11
By name, San Diego Comic-Con is about comic books. By rep, it’s a place that makes movie news. By the time you get there, the biggest lines…more

WIN Transformers Kre-O Sets!

Thu, 7 Jul ’11
Breaking stuff is a hoot, but if you break a $40 Leader Class Ironhide action figure, he can’t be played with again. Enter Hasbro’s latest…more

GCLA Deal: We Heart LA Art & 50% Off at Monkeyhouse Toys

Fri, 17 Jun ’11
Tomorrow night, Monkeyhouse Toys moves the handmade plushies and designer vinyl figures to the back and makes room for company. This Silver…more

GCDeal: Exclusive GIANT Batman Figure $50 off – Only at GCD!

Thu, 16 Jun ’11
Like those of us who wear Batman shirts with the muscles drawn on, this variation of the pointy-eared patron saint of Gotham is a little…more

Green Day – A Hal of a Deal on Mez-Itz

Wed, 1 Jun ’11
Just as Sinestro breaks Hal Jordan into the path of the Green Lantern, so too have we brokered a deal for you. Obtain TWO cool 6″ Mez-Itz…more