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Tue, 2 Jul ’13

NERDSWAG: Sideshow Collectibles’ Man of Steel

Sideshow Collectibles’ Superman figure brings the reel steel

Having an ideal to strive toward is important, especially if that ideal wears a red cape and can fly. Yes, you could do a lot worse than trying to model yourself after…more

Small Shooters: Metal guns for action figures

Tue, 8 Feb ’11
Let’s face it, toys aren’t always armed with the coolest of weapons. For every Sideshow or Hot Toys figure that comes with authentic…more

A Space Oddity

Tue, 25 Jan ’11
At the dawn of mankind, toys were…uncomplicated. Chop some wood, you get “blocks”. Wad some animal skin into a globe, you get a “ball”….more

Beetle-Juicy Couture

Mon, 24 Jan ’11
Face facts, folks. The Jack and Sally thing is getting old. Yeah, yeah, we like The Nightmare Before Christmas as much as anyone. But we’ve…more

Conan the He-Man

Mon, 17 Jan ’11
by James A. MillerWith his magical sword and fantasy-based cartoon, He-Man always seemed like a character straight out of some ancient…more

Bootleg Beauty – The Iron Art of Geek Sculpture

Mon, 3 Jan ’11
Sometimes, Hollywood trashes geek masterpieces. Jonah Hex. Heroes Season Two through Season Whenever It Got Cancelled. The Spider-Man…more

Shooting Action Figures

Tue, 28 Dec ’10
Art museum walls are jam packed with breathtaking photographs of naked models lounging in sensual poses. That’s great and all, but when the…more

One Big, Ugly S.O.B. – Huge Predator Figure!

Mon, 20 Dec ’10
It’s been a rough life for the Predator. He was mortally wounded by a future Governator on his first man-safari. He was beat by the far…more

Figure Festivities – Sideshow Statue Sweepstakes!

Thu, 9 Dec ’10
Is it coincidence that Sideshow Collectibles and Santa Claus have the same initials? We think not, because both plan on making the holiday…more

Go To 11! Epic Paper Jamz Giveaway

Tue, 30 Nov ’10
Air guitar skills will one day eliminate smog and bring world peace, or so the Bill and Ted movies have totally assured us. But the world’s…more

Expendables Assemble

Fri, 26 Nov ’10
The Expendables, now out on DVD, should have been a dream license for any toy company. After all, the cast members mostly look like plastic…more