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Tue, 27 Aug ’13

Video Game Tuesday: Mutants, Masks and Mystery

Ninja Turtles, Batman and secrets come to play.

Shadows Power – You want an exclusive? We’ve got one! It’s the launch trailer for Activision and Red Fly Studio‘s hotly anticipated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. The four-player co-op brawler game that fans of the Turtles of all ages will definitely want to devour like a pizza at supper time. Get three friends together and choose your favorite (no fighting over Raphael) because the game comes out on XBLA and Steam today.

Arkham Arrival – The third installment of the incredibly popular (and supremely awesome) Batman video game series, Arkham Origins has a new trailer and it looks amazing. In this prequel to 2009’s Arkham Asylum finds a rookie Bats with a price on his head, and eight of the nastiest criminals in Gotham out to get him. He’s going to need Jim Gordon’s help, but that’s hard to come by for a vigilante. Arkham Origins will hit stores in October and crime will go down 45% the day after.

Welcome Home – This is a game that could also be called Where My Family At? The Fullbright Company’s Gone Home is a haunting story of a girl who comes home to a big, empty house and has to figure out where her loved ones might be through investigation, diary entries and audio recordings. It’s an uneasy first-person experience, but is it worth the price? Read our full review to know for sure and go behind the scenes with the Indoor Kids.

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