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Video Games

Tommy Wiseau, Video Game Reviewer, Is Out Of This World

Mon, 17 Oct ’11
You know him as the oddly spoken, unusual auteur of the oft-mocked and adored The Room. But now Tommy Wiseau is coming to Youtube, on… more

Tommy Wiseau, Space Case

Mon, 17 Oct ’11
A lot of the interviews you read in magazines are edited, usually to keep the story on point, and for reasons of length and clarity. As… more

By Sword or by Blaster: BlizzCon 2011

Wed, 12 Oct ’11
It will be a quiet time in Azeroth as the warriors of World of Warcraft set down their axes, shields and blunderbusses and turn their… more

Game Over, Man!

Tue, 11 Oct ’11
Tiny White Hope – Super adorable platformer Fez is the perfect poster child for a festival like IndieCade. more

Take a Pika Into Nintendo’s Future at This Three Dimensional Discussion

Fri, 30 Sep ’11
It wasn’t so long ago that Nintendo was on top of the world. Just about every kid owned a DS and almost everyone else owned a Wii. The… more

WIN! Entry to the New York Games Conference!

Thu, 15 Sep ’11
Video games don’t come from an Italian stork sporting a mustache. Real companies make these monumentally addictive time wasters. At New… more

Cory Arcangel Powers Up 8-bit Art

Thu, 8 Sep ’11
Not many people make true Nintendo art, and no, the x-rated doodle you just made of Mario and Princess Peach doesn’t count. Cory Arcangel,… more

Indie Games and Their Latest Crusade

Tue, 6 Sep ’11
By: Alexei BochenekEach year when E3 arrives, LA’s cameras shift focus from movies to games as every major video game publisher… more

Princess Zelda’s Slumber Sonata

Tue, 30 Aug ’11
Princess Zelda is sure to wake up at the Pantages when the full choir and 70 piece orchestra kicks in for The Legend of Zelda’s … more

Call of Duty: Live

Thu, 25 Aug ’11
Video game publisher Activision spared no expense planning its upcoming fan-focused festival, Call of Duty XP, September 2-3. The… more

Get a Load of This

Nintendo comes to life, Scandinavian style. more