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Video Games

Glasses-Free 3D!

Thu, 24 Mar ’11
Glasses are a key part of some people’s identity. Think of Clark Kent. Or Star Trek’s Geordi La Forge. Lewis Skolnick. more

3D World, 8D Battles – Enter the Rift!

Thu, 10 Mar ’11
By Luke ThompsonIt takes a fair bit of craft to create an online world at war, if you know what we’re saying. It takes even more if you’re… more

Enter the Dragons

Tue, 8 Mar ’11
Perhaps you are not yet a Dragon Age fan. You didn’t get the original Dragon Age: Origins game or the expansion pack. You didn’t pick up… more

Curator of Pixels

Mon, 7 Mar ’11
Museums are awesome. They’re full of great stuff like dinosaurs, pictures of naked people (curse you fig leaves!) and cool artifacts that… more

Dino D-Day

Tue, 1 Mar ’11
As everyone learned from Jurassic Park, it’s possible for scientists to bring dinosaurs back to life. Sure, that’s a great idea when all… more

The Fine Art Of The Frag

Mon, 21 Feb ’11
by Peter Y. LevinWe’re sick of games that play it safe. Remember Mortal Combat vs. DC Universe? It could have been cool, but its dulled-… more

Pixels vs Powers

Tue, 15 Feb ’11
Your friends love arguing over who would win in hypothetical fights: Batman vs Spider-Man? Werewolf vs Ninja? The Count Vs. Edward Cullen?… more

Money Quest!

Thu, 10 Feb ’11
By Luke ThompsonCreating a video game is a fairly complex process, but this is basically how it works:First you plot a storyline. Then you… more

Take It to the Bridge

Thu, 3 Feb ’11
by Tony TeofiloDoes your living room look like a recreation of the Enterprise bridge? Do you call your coworkers Ensign? Do you find green… more

The DC You-niverse

Tue, 11 Jan ’11
By Dana Braziel-SolovyIn your head, it starts with you getting a nice entry-level gig at Wayne Enterprises. Evenings, after the dayjob is… more

Get a Load of This

Nintendo comes to life, Scandinavian style. more