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The Best of Danny Elfman’s Film Scores

Tagged: Movies/TV

In celebration of Danny Elfman’s birthday, here are some of his greatest film score hits.

Being John Malkovich

Tagged: Movies/TV

John Malkovich finds out what it’s like to live inside your own head, in this scene from Spike Jonze’s impressively odd 1999 feature debut. It’s new to Blu-ray today, May 15th, as part of the Criterion Collection.

New to Blu: Gremlins 2 – the New Batch

Tagged: Movies/TV

Joe Dante’s Gremlins 2: The New Batch is finally out on Blu-ray today. Joe Dante’s love of creature features shines through in this classic and often under valued gem. From Gizmo’s love of Rambo to an all Gremlin sing along of “New York, New York,” the movie is full of in jokes poking fun at filmmaking and classic monster movies. The original Gremlins is also seeing a re-release on Blu-ray …

SABER sexy lightsaber underwear fight

Tagged: Movies/TV

Directed by Adam Green. Produced by and starring Rileah Vanderbilt and Clare Grant. Winner of 2 Star Wars Fan Film Awards (“Best Action” “Audience Choice”) at the 2009 Lucasfilm Awards.

Sparks – Movie Trailer

Tagged: Movies/TV

A superhero noir thriller set in the ’40s about a masked vigilante, Ian Sparks, who discovers the dark side to heroism. With William Katt, Clancy Brown and Clint Howard.

New to Blu: Things Are Going Haywire

Tagged: Movies/TV

Today sees the release of Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire on Blu-ray and DVD. Gina Carano makes her film debut as Mallory Kane, a tough as nails former marine who now works as a mercenary. When she’s left out in the cold and framed for murder Mallory won’t stop until the real culprit is dead and her name cleared. AKA, a bad ass movie with a bad ass female lead.