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Stan Lee

Tagged: Toys, Comics

GCD’s Shira Lazar lives out a geek dream and goes one-on-one with the man, the myth, the absolutely legendary STAN LEE!  Smilin’ Stan the Man shows GCD around his office/man-cave and even introduces us to his long time pal – a certain wall crawler you may have heard of…

Evolution of CGI

Tagged: Movies/TV

100 years of special effects, from 20,000 Leagues to Harry Potter. Ready, set, drool!

All Your Bass…

Tagged: Tech, Gear

Billy Bass gets hacked to spout lines from The Simpsons, Office Space, Monty Python and some ex-Presidents!

Shira / Barista

Tagged: Toys

Shira chats with a barista.

Half-Life Hilarity

Tagged: Games

Dude swaps his own voice for all Half-Life 2 sound effects. Weirdest. Mod. Ever.