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Mon, 22 Jul ’13

Vinyl Fantasy: Studio Ghibli Jams

Czech out these killer tunes.

Studio Ghibli has built its reputation as one of the premiere animation houses in the world thanks to its heartfelt, humanistic stories, incredible artwork and top-tier production value. Yet what would a Studio Ghibli film be without an iconic soundtrack? Fortunately, Mondo, the art wing of Alamo Drafthouse, is giving the terrific tunes their due dilligence by releasing Studio Ghibli Kokyo Kyokushu, a limited edition vinyl compilation of selections from Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, The Cat Returns and My Neighbors The Yamadas performed by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. 

With three different collectible versions of the album up for grabs, you can bet your bottom dollar that these are going to be hotter than Calcifer among Studio Ghibli superfans. Each version will feature a different piece of art by one of Mondo’s artists extraordinaire Tyler Stout, incorporating all five films across the 2XLP gatefold packaging, and includes two different colored vinyl. If the Howl’s Moving Castle variant, which just premiered at San Diego Comic-Con is any indication, we’re going to need a mop to clean up all this drool.

Beginning on July 26th, the vinyl will go on sale on Mondo’s website, but thanks to the limited edition nature of the release and the insane buzz it’s getting, the only way to purchase them is to follow @MondoNews on Twitter and have lightning quick reflexes. You’ll need to channel your inner Ashitaka if you want the sweet sounds of Joe Hisaishi and company crackling over your speakers.