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Plastic Scene Dream: Designer Con 2011

Tue, 25 Oct ’11
No, that’s not new car smell in the air; your Toyota is still right where you left it. That fragrance you detect is the sweet scent of… more

Glow In The Darth

Mon, 15 Aug ’11
The universe got a little bit smaller when Hold Up Art in downtown LA announced their special Star Wars themed night, Art From a… more

GCLA Deal: We Heart LA Art & 50% Off at Monkeyhouse Toys

Fri, 17 Jun ’11
Tomorrow night, Monkeyhouse Toys moves the handmade plushies and designer vinyl figures to the back and makes room for company. This Silver… more

GCDeal: Exclusive GIANT Batman Figure $50 off – Only at GCD!

Thu, 16 Jun ’11
Like those of us who wear Batman shirts with the muscles drawn on, this variation of the pointy-eared patron saint of Gotham is a little… more

Green Day – A Hal of a Deal on Mez-Itz

Wed, 1 Jun ’11
Just as Sinestro breaks Hal Jordan into the path of the Green Lantern, so too have we brokered a deal for you. Obtain TWO cool 6″ Mez-Itz… more

Art For All – Win "I Am Plastic Too!"

Fri, 1 Oct ’10
Say you’re married, with rug-rats putting marker to furniture, plumber’s bills, and gutters that need to be de-leafed. Y’know. Grown-up…. more

Art Toys For All

Fri, 1 Oct ’10
When Paul Budnitz started Kidrobot, there were just a few artists and companies in Japan and Hong Kong making art toys. In the West, there… more

Rubber Lucky – Brian McCarty Interview

Thu, 12 Aug ’10
Brian McCarty has turned his passion for toy imagery into a globe-trotting art adventure that mixes high-brow and low-brow influences… more

Rubber Lucky

Thu, 12 Aug ’10
It would be hard to find a geek out there who hasn’t photographed his toys at one time or another. Dioramas of battling G.I. Joes. Bowed… more

Custom Skid Marks!

Mon, 24 May ’10
ModNation Racers isn’t a car game. It’s a full-featured imagination engine for limitless creative expression that’s only disguised as a car… more

Get a Load of This

The Nerdist News team talked with the legendary Doug Jones about his acting, his book and more. more