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Mon, 4 Nov ’13

Watch Jessica Chobot On The New Nerdist News

The former G4-er is ready to kick the news up a notch.

The countdown is over. Today marks the debut of the all new Nerdist News with your host, Jessica Chobot. She’s our favorite news correspondent on the Citadel, so we figured she’d be the perfect person to anchor our brand new show. You may know Jessica from her time on G4, her character in Mass Effect 3, the e-sports events she hosts or that little corner of your heart she crawled into to live forever. That couldn’t just have been us.

In the premiere episode of Nerdist News, you’ll witness: Chris Hardwick do everything he can to woo Jessica away from her busy schedule to host our thrice weekly news show, discover the commonalities between dinosaurs and our favorite action heroes, make a note of what exciting crossover you can expect on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and get the latest on all things Star Trek and Star Wars.

Are you prepared for the mind-melting awesomeness of the Chobot on the Nerdist Channel? Will you be the one to write “FIRST!!!!!” in the comment section? Are these rhetorical questions or real ones? Find out for yourself by tuning in to Nerdist News, subscribing to the Nerdist Channel, and follow the show on Twitter.