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Fri, 26 Jul ’13

Week in Review: An Eisner Win, Princess Knight and Pokemon X/Y

Plus, the latest on the Initial D movie!

Hail to the KingA story so nice that they nominated it twice, Brandon Graham’s King City took home the 2013 Eisner Award for “Best Graphic Album – Reprint.” Although Image Comics handled the reprint, we originally published the series in 2007 – when it also received an Eisner nomination – and we are beyond thrilled that Brandon’s terrific tale is receiving the accolades it deserves. Omedetou gozaimasu!

Sign and Initial Here Gran Turismo wasn’t the only racing-centric series to get a feature film this week; Initial D, the popular racing manga and aniem, will be officially given the anime film treatment. The story revolves around Takumi, a high school boy with an uncanny gift for street racing. So, it’s like Turbo without the snails (and more manga-inspired action).

The Princess Knight Rises – Few mangaka in history are as beloved as Osamu Tezuka, and when there’s a new project related to his work, it’s a big deal. The newest such project is a rebooted version of Tezuka’s Princess Knight, which will be published through online manga magazine Puratto Home and will be released to celebrate the series’ 60th anniversary. Who cares about the royal baby? We’re all about the Princess!

Still Catching Them AllWith now close to two decades of games, manga and anime, Pokemon is truly the furry yellow gift that keeps on giving, and with the release of two new games (Pokemon X and Y) in October, it’s no surprise the anime is getting a fresh start as well. Check out this preview of the new show and revel in the fact that Ash looks pretty good for a 30 year old.