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Thu, 22 Aug ’13

Week in Review: Doraemon Snowboards and Evangelion Exhibits

Plus, more Soul Eater and new Tohru Fujisawa manga!

Planet of the Great Teachers GTO scribe Tohru Fujisawa is a busy man(gaka) with current writing duties on Kamen Teacher Black, Ino Head Gargoyle, Tokko Zero and more. He’s about to get a whole lot busier with the announcement of a new manga series, Red Data Planet, set to make its December debut in Kodansha magazine. Details are sparse, but if we know Fujisawa, someone’s gonna be creepy.

Best Field Trip Ever!The place: Ginza, Tokyo. The time: so right now. The awesome: a brand new Evangelion exhibition with over 1,300 production materials for fans to peruse and fawn over. The exhibition, which runs through the end of August, features original art pieces, character models, storyboards and over 2,000 pieces of merchandise. Where do we sign up to chaperone?

Not Quite Done YetSoul Eater fans rejoice (and there’s quite a lot of you out there)! Though the final chapter of the manga was published in September, Atsushi Ohkubo has announced that spin-off series Soul Eater Not will resume publication in Shonen Gangan Magazine starting in November. Dry those eyes little demon hunter and get ready to reap some more souls!

Dude-raemon – Just when you though that Jean Reno in a series of car commercials was the height of Doraemon-related awesomeness, Vermont-based snowboard company Burton has announced they will be releasing a series of custom Doraemon snowboards to celebrate the 80th birthday of creator Fujiko F. Fujio. The boards aren’t cheap, but they are pretty damn cool, so if you’re a snowbunny (or snow-cybernetic alien cat) you’ll want to jump on this.