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Fri, 20 Sep ’13

Week in Review: Hello Kitty Beer and One Piece Hats

Plus an anime cafe and digital divas!

Gomu-Gomu Awesome Hat!: You love the anime, you read the manga, you buy all the toys, but how can a true One Piece devotee show their love of all things Mugiwara to the world? Well, if you have $50, you can get your rubbery hands on the Premium Bandai-produced replica of Luffy’s straw hat! Made by legendary hat maker Tanaka Hats, this authentic and stylish headgear is fit for the king of the pirates.

Drunk Kitty: Thought that Hello Kitty was already on every single product that ever existed? You were right, but now you can add one more piece of Kitty swag to the overwhelmingly long list: beer. Taiwan Tsing Brewing Company is now shipping the beer to Taiwan and China, and the Hello Kitty suds come in various fruity flavors. More like Hello Tipsy…

Vocaloid Idol: Do you live in Japan and love to sing, but hate to leave your house? Fear not, because Sony Music is holding open auditions to find the newest Vocaloid pop idol! Teens younger then 25 can submit their entries online and at select karaoke spots in Japan, and the winner of the search is guaranteed a concert performance debut in the new year. Could you be the newest digital diva?

This is Only Sort of Creepy: Visitors to Akihabara, Tokyo’s mecca of all things otaku, can now satiate their hunger for both food and buxom anime babes in one fell swoop by paying a visit to the Fantasista Doll Cafe. The pop-up shop features a menu based on the newly launched multi-platform series. Dining options range from character-themed cocktails to fried mackerel to “special” desert and beyond. We almost don’t want to know what’s so special about it.