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Wed, 12 Jun ’13

Week in Review: Kiki Delivers Live Action, Final Fantasy XV & Tohru Fujisawa

Plus a new Ghost in the Shell: Arise tie-in…

Fantasy Fulfilled – Foremost among the big E3 announcements was the trailer for Final Fantasy XV (formerly Final Fantasy Versus XIII). The game’s trailer promises astounding graphics, a more grounded universe and a brand new combat system that is more of an action RPG style a la Kingdom Hearts. Our fingers are crossed (and hopefully not because they’re busy mashing buttons).

Kiki’s Live-Action Service – 
An on-set press conference was held at the shooting location of the upcoming live-action adaption of the Studio Ghibli classic, Kiki’s Delivery Service. The short video clip introduces star Fuka Koshiba and offers a glimpse at the film’s sets. Director Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge) is still pretty tight-lipped on how he will make Kiki fly, but we hope it’s the time-tested broom method.

Graduation Day
 GTO mangaka Tohru Fujisawa has announced his newest manga series, which is set to debut in the new Tokko Magazine in early July. The new series, Tokko, promises to be about a special government task force waging a war against an army of inhuman creatures. If we know Fujisawa, he’ll manage to shoehorn some sleaziness in there too; just the way we like it.

Ghost Beats
 No stranger to promotional tie-ins, Ghost in the Shell: Arise received yet another strange product – a customized 3-track, preloaded “Buddha Machine”, a small handheld device that loops the songs that come built into it. Can you say Attack on Titan OP meets Ghost in the Shell: Arise remix?