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Thu, 1 Aug ’13

Week in Review: One Piece Ice Cream, Titan Toys and Gundam Manga

Plus the latest on Shonen Jump’s video game brawler!

Gundam without Gundam The Gundam franchise has seen about five thousand incarnations in various forms, but the newest adaptation is a bit different: a manga series called Apartment of Gundam, set to debut in Shonen Sunday 5, that tells the tale of Gundam pilots when they are off the clock. Here’s hoping for lots of conversations about Earth Federation vs. Zeon company softball games.

Attack on Wallets – By this point it’s no exaggeration to call Attack On Titan the biggest hit of the anime season and Japanese toy companies are jumping on the giant-sized bandwagon, offering a slew of really cool merchandise. From cute Nendoroids to detailed Figmas and Colossal Titans a-go-go, it’s a good time to be a fan of all things monstrous and cannibalistic.

Star Struck – If you didn’t know, Shonen Jump and Namco Bandai are releasing crossover brawler J-Stars Victory Vs., and now we can get a taste of what the game will look like with the first gameplay preview video. Luffy? Check. Toriko? Yup. Naruto? You betcha! EVERYONE is in this game, and we can’t wait to get our shonen-loving hands on it.

Monkey D. TastyThe folks who run Japanese KFC restaurants are crazy geniuses and their newest promotion will delight the ranks of wanna-be pirate kings around Japan. With the purchase of certain meals, visitors to KFC will receive one of three custom One Piece ice cream makers, which are basically freezable buckets decorated with Luffy, Chopper and the Straw Hat crew. At long last, you’ll actually be able to shiver your timbers.