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Thu, 13 Sep ’12

What Are You Wearing? Nerd Fall Fashions

Four stellar styles in vogue this season

It’s Fashion Week in New York City and the hip and glamorous are out looking at what all the best designers are offering this season, finding out what is and is not “in.” We may not usually subscribe to what the trendsetters tell us to like, but here are our top clothing and accessory choices for this autumn’s fashionably nerdy.

COMICSGlass EyeA nice pair of specs works well in any intelligent ensemble. All the best nerds wear ’em – Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, Clark Kent, Matt Mira… They evoke brains, class and astigmatism. Google Glass, possibly the nerdiest and awesomest glasses of all, actually landed on the runways of Fashion Week during the Diane von Furstenberg show. The sweet piece of tech allows wearers to take pictures and video, access Google Maps and other sites via a heads-up display and even has smartphone functionality. Fashionistas know cool tech when they see it; or at the very least, they know a $200 billion business when they see it. We’re thinking it’s only a matter of time before a Geordi La Forge pair hits the streets.

COMICSScandalous ScarvesCold necks are so 2010. Both attractive and functional, scarves keep your larynx toasty while adding panache to any fall outfit. Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes would not look nearly as hyper-aware if he wasn’t sporting his signature gray scarf; nor, for that matter, would Jonny Lee Miller’s Sherlock Holmes who has decided to go the red-and-black plaid route. And if you like your scarves more in the 9-foot-long range, you’ll certainly want to check out the only officially-licensed and manufactured Fourth Doctor scarf, perfect for those cold nights in the time vortex.

COMICSFandom for Your FeetUnless you’re a Hobbit or a hippie, most people need to wear shoes at some point or another; so why not add some of what you love to your footwear? If comic books are your thing, Converse has a whole line of DC Comics Chuck Taylors depicting some of the bravest and boldest. If you like your shoes a little lady-er, then you’ll want to check out these fabulous custom kicks from blogger Amy Ratcliffe and friends. TARDIS shoes, Clone Wars shoes, Adventure Time shoes; Amy and her pals have made them all! Now, if someone would just make Data’s “slick shoes” from The Goonies then all our shoe dreams will have come true.

COMICSMedieval StuffEveryone knows what a pillar of fashion the TV show Mad Men has become, ushering in a return to the 60s mod vibe, but did you know that elsewhere someone is trying to make Westeros Chic a real thing? Designer Helmut Lang this summer unveiled a line of Game of Thrones-inspired pieces that are worthy of a Lannister. The best thing about the series featuring so many characters from varied terrains and climates is that you could change Houses with the seasons. Targaryen for Summer, Lannister for Autumn and we don’t need to tell you that Winter is coming…