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Fri, 4 Nov ’11

Discomfort Unleashed: Win Awkward Family Pet Photos Book and Shirt

Pets don’t blush, but maybe their owners should.

You don’t get to choose who you’re related to. So when family members embarrass you, or dig up uncomfortable photos, it’s just part of the prize package that came with your entry in the genetic lottery. You do get to choose your pets, however, and it’s your responsibility to decide how they’re depicted. Judging by the new website and book entitled Awkward Family Pet Photos, it is a responsibility that many people out there take less than seriously at times. But hey, we’re only human. Revel in our shared awkwardness by winning both the new book and an Awkward Family Pet Photos T-shirt, as we share the love by giving you bonus entries on our Facebook and Twitter.

By now, we hope you dig the Awkward Family Photos folks as much as we do; their new spin-off into the world of animal companions is one of those things that seems so obvious in hindsight, we never realized we couldn’t live without it. Check out our gallery of new and exclusive Awkward Family Pet Photos, and we think you’ll agree: people are strange, pet people are stranger. As captured in photographic stills, at least.

Want even more? We’re not going to make you roll over or beg. Just run to our contest page and fetch yourself a shot at one of three Awkward Family Pet Photos book and T-shirt prize packs. Don’t waste time playing dead; the contest ends Nov 11, 2011. And if the thought of bonus entries feels like catnip to your soul, claw your way to those extra shots at our Facebook and Twitter. You don’t have nine lives, so make this one count.