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Thu, 13 Dec ’12

Nerdist News Wants You…to Win an iPad 3

Did you miss your chance to sign up? Think differently.

Dorothy. E.T. Will Robinson. You. All looking for a way home, except you might not have realized it yet. See, in the not-too-distant past, a friend of yours invited you to a world where all your interests are catered to, a place that looks like the best page of your favorite magazine come to life. You didn’t accept the offer to sign up for Nerdist News’ free e-blast of pop-culture, toys, tech, movies, comics and more, but now we’re going to sweeten the deal. No ruby slippers or flying bikes here; we’re inviting you back where you belong and giving a new iPad 3 to one most-fortunate new reader.

We don’t sell or share your email address. All we do is shoot one dose of pure goodness into your inbox every morning, though you can increase that if you choose by also signing up for TOKYOPOP powered by Nerdist News. In addition to reporting on the freshest and fan-friendliest items around, our partnership with Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist Industries ensures early sneek-peeks at what they’ve got cooking (Marvin E. Quasniki for president!).

Also: iPad 3. iPad 3. iPad 3. Threequels aren’t usually better when it comes to movies, but this is the Return of the King of tablets. And if you get that joke, you belong with us. Come sign up, and take your first step into a larger world.