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Tue, 1 Nov ’11

Way, To Go: Win Chris Hardwick’s New Book.

The Nerdist becomes a wordist with today’s top tome.

As most in-the-know people acknowledge nowadays, the nerds have taken over the earth. Which is all well and good, but adds yet another level of stress to life. Wasn’t it enough to worry about wedgies, not getting the girl, keeping a straight-A average and building a shrink ray for the science fair – now you have to take on the responsibility of running an entire planet as well? Calm yourself, young padawan; we’re here to help. Win Chris Hardwick’s new book, The Nerdist Way, from us and you’ll learn everything you need to become a master of multi-hyphenated talents. We’ll even throw in a cool T-shirt. Make your own Nerdist Way to our Facebook and Twitter for bonus entries before Nov. 8th.

Hardwick is best-known as…er…a lot of things. He’s a TV host, a podcaster, a stand-up comic and event programmer, is starting his own Youtube channel and has been a well-read magazine writer prior to becoming an author. And he believes you can be all these things too. Read the book and learn time management skills, workout pointers for the unfit, how to apply video game skills to life and how to beat addictions and bad habits in geek-style. Want to know how a guy this together can possibly be called a nerd? He answers that too.

It’s a lot of work being awesome, but getting the book that can help you get there is easy. Enter our Nerdist Way contest today and three lucky GCD readers will get one step closer to world domination. Our Facebook and Twitter will help you out with bonus entries. Way cool!