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Mon, 30 Sep ’13

WTFood: China’s Toilet-Themed Restaurant

Your inner gourmand will be flush with excitement.

Recently we introduced you to the wild world of Japanese toilets, but just across the ocean in China, they’re taking things a step further with a toilet-themed restaurant. You read that right – this isn’t a load of crap; it’s a real restaurant in Taiyuan City in China’s Shanxi Province. Since opening in August, the restaurant has attracted huge crowds and has often had a line stretching out the door, which is a lot like a real restroom if you think about it.

Diners who have the intestinal fortitude to eat here will be sit on a refurbished porcelain throne fit for a king, complete with plush, turd-shaped cushions. Served on plates modeled after both Eastern and Western toilets, the high concept cafe offers up everything from roast chicken to chocolate ice cream. One thing is for certain though – they’re all likely to be some shade of brown.

Toilet-themed restaurants have been around for at least seven years, apparently, but this newest one makes them look like mere Port-A-Potties. Guests interviewed by Chinanews referred to experience as “different”, “fun”, and “freaky”. If you ask us, there’s something inherently ridiculous about eating from a tiny toilet, but maybe the food is delicious. Would you eat here? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!