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Fri, 10 May ’13

WTFriday: Cats + Sushi = Adorable

The Internet strikes again!

The Internet’s love affair with all things feline-related is a well-documented phenomenon, ranging from YouTube sensations like Stalking Cat and Nyan Cat to the meteoric rise of Grumpy Cat to Japan’s fabled cat cafes. However, one Japanese company is tapping into the Internet phenomenon in a rather unique way by combining kitties with one of Japan’s most recognizable dishes – sushi! Now before you start contacting PETA about misconduct, you should know that no cats were harmed in the making of nekozushi (“cat sushi”); in fact, they’re not edible at all (well, technically, they are, but then again, anything is an edible arrangement if you want it bad enough). Rather, these aww-inspiring animals are part of a surreal, but supremely kawaii photo series that’s blowing up across the web.

The brainchild of Tange and Nakimushi Peanuts, who maintain their sushified stable of kitties on a site called Nyāta, nekozushi is a certifiable phenomenon in which unwitting felines are photographed lying on what appears to be a bed of sushi rice, held lovingly in place by manacles of seaweed. From leeks to lobsters to piles of money and crowns, no topping is off limits for these pussy cats. If we were Alf, we’d be licking our lips, but since we’re not, the photo and video series has us cooing and melting into a puddle on our office floor.

Even if you’re a dog person, you’d have to have a heart of stone not to be taken in by nekozushi; c’mon, guys, just look at those expressions! Honestly, cats aren’t known to be the most cooperative of creatures, so getting this many furballs to hold still for this long is an accomplishment in and of itself. If you’re anything like us – which if you’ve read this far is a safe assumption – you’ll want to invest in their free iOS/Android app, so you can carry that cuteness with you on the go. Or if you want something a little more permanent and less digital, why not pick out your favorite print or postcard? We’ve been living with that “Hang in there, baby” poster long enough! Long live nekozushi!