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Thu, 31 Oct ’13

Your Galaxy Quest Ends in Samsung

The future’s next big thing? It’s already here.

Lightsaber battles? Not here yet, thankfully for those of us who shouldn’t even be trusted with regular swords. Beam-us-up teleportation? Probably still adjusting to compensate for the global obesity epidemic. But we’re not so far away from the futures of Star Trek and Star Wars when it comes to tech – certainly not if the Samsung Galaxy Note II has anything to say about it. In fact, here are three famous sci-fi gadgets it reminds us of.

COMICSPsychic Paper –  One of the handiest deus ex machina devices in the Doctor’s arsenal on Doctor Who is a piece of paper that always displays precisely what is necessary to make him credible in any given situation. The S Pen on the Note II can do that for you, with its quick command, illustration-matching Idea Sketch feature, Air View preview modes and much more. Beat that, Time Lords – our pens are psychic too!

COMICSThe Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – An instant reference book that immediately calls up detailed entries on anything you might possibly want to know? Yeah, we’ve kinda gone way past that one, actually. On this phone, you can call up any information you want on the web while watching a high-definition video on its 5.5″ big screen formatted for great 16:0 movie viewing, and then email somebody about it without having your video ever pause or glitch. Don’t panic, indeed. You’ll still have to bring along your own towel, though.

COMICSIron Man’s helmet – No, you don’t have to wear a clunky red-and-gold thing over your head to make it work. The Samsung Note II fits in your pocket, but just like the inside of Tony Stark’s visor, it employs sharing features with other S Beam devices and cameras, transferring data with just a tap, and images without even touching  So be careful if, like Stark, you’re prone to sharing Too Much Information.

The only thing about it that isn’t futuristic? The ability to purchase right now.